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Your intuition is the gateway to your vast and unlimited self, and all the wisdom, love and guidance you need to craft your life optimally. It serves as your inner compass aligning you to your highest path and potential, and opens you to realms of awareness beyond five-sensory perception. What’s so exciting is that your intuition can be consciously accessed and leveraged in myriad ways for a multitude of purposes, bringing a treasure trove of gifts, opportunities, solutions and successes into your world.

No doubt you have experienced the workings of your intuition to some degree or other, however subtle or distinct the experience has been. More often than not, when intuition is encountered, it is done so at barely conscious levels, and only at a sliver of its capacity. When you learn to consciously access and apply it, however, you can harness this phenomenal resource to produce remarkable transformations in your life and reality.



In unleashing your intuitive self, you awaken to an entirely new way of living, creating and experiencing your life, and a whole new dimension of success; success that reflects and expresses your inherent gifts, talents and potential and your soul’s calling. You move beyond conscious creation to engage the grace of co-creation and the magical dance of divinely guided living.


In the zone of intuition, you will discover your world anew; rich in meaning and significance, overflowing with blessings, trust, opportunity and the sparkle of clarity and truth. The blindfolds of separation dissolve as you begin to experience the love and support that is there for you in every moment. New vistas of awareness can dawn that will transform and transcend the limiting perspectives of your conditioned self and the shackles of ego.


By connecting more to the magnificent being that you are and your innate greatness, you will access a cornucopia of gifts and reams of untapped information. It is your intuition that separates the wheat from the chaff, illuminating that which is most serving. It offers spiritual solutions to seeming problems, garners the pearls from challenges and crises, and aligns you to your authentic self and a life that reflects that more real you on all levels.

You can walk from the dimly lit world of fivesensory living, and the barren sands of the soulstarved ego, to a world glistening and alive with possibility, vision and wonder, and a world in which you are never, as you have never been, alone. As the veils between conscious and higher conscious realms are lifted, you will experience more of the true nature of reality, and the extraordinary truth of who you are. Guidance sourced in unconditional love and exalted wisdom will transform your life in unprecedented ways beyond the vistas of your current imaginings. Your intuition is the bridge.


It is your ultimate ally. The Intuition Zone program uncovers your latent intuitive abilities and provides a thorough how-to road map for mastering your most treasured resource. Natural and Innate The good news is, this phenomenal untapped tool waiting to be unleashed within, is natural and innate. Your intuition can communicate with you in pictures, words, feelings and gestalts of awareness. It may come in hunches, visions, inspirations, urges, voices, flashes of insight, light-bulb moments, epiphanies and so on.

Everyday intuitive experiences can include sensing who is calling you before you answer the phone, feelings or ‘knowings’ about people, places or circumstances that steer your decisions beyond rational explanation, telepathy, premonitions, inspiration, empathy, hearing a voice within, timing, synchronicity and flow, an irrefutable sense of certainty and truth, awareness of subtle energy, and so on and so forth. In today’s consensus reality with its five-sensory predominance, awareness and use of this exceptional gift has been lost and forgotten by many.


A lack of openness and understanding, cynicism, spiritual disconnection, conditioning, narrowmindedness, and a preoccupation solely with solutions and answers from the physical world (which quantum physics now proves is comprised of wavelengths of energy that respond directly to thought), has left this resource denied, doubted, suppressed or discarded. The channels of this invaluable tool have, for many, dried up and sealed over, and its communications go unheard, unfelt, unseen or unknown. However, not only is your intuition an inherent gift, you can pro-actively re-awaken this priceless ally and proactively engage it for an oasis of reward, revelation and resolution. When you learn to leverage this gift in an accomplished way, there is literally no end to the transformations, solutions, successes and miracles that can occur. You are literally plugged into the divine and the highest resources and guidance available.


The Intuition Zone program provides the means, methods and strategies for activating and applying your intuition proficiently, lighting the way with step-by-step exercises, techniques and guided meditations. Intuition versus Imagination Intuition can sometimes be confused with imagination, instinct also, and below I include some distinctions and differentiations. Your instincts are your genetic survival drives.


They are not sourced in inspired guidance from your Higher Self but from your inbuilt physiological programming. Your imagination on the other hand, is a creative tool that responds to your desires and intentions and sculpts visions towards the manifestation of your reality. Your imagination utilizes the same inner senses as your intuition (such as inner sight, sound, feeling, and so on) to birth new worlds and possibilities into being. Directed by your will, it is a powerful ingredient in the conscious creation process. Through the portal of your imagination, inspiration can also enter and flow and creativity be born.

Your imagination is a bridge to your intuition. In using your imagination to visualize a place within your mind (such as a place in nature, for example), you create an internal setting from where to access and interact with your intuitive resources, and receive insights from your subconscious mind and Higher Self. In this way your imagination is a valuable steppingstone and aid in your intuitive development, and serves to lay a backdrop and foundation.


With guided visualization, for example, your imagination can set the scene and create the setting from where you can open to and receive insights and impressions through your inner intuitive senses. Working with your ‘inner realm’ with the aid of your imagination is explored in detail in the Intuition Zone program, with meditations to initiate and guide this very process.


Your Higher Self Being aware that you have a Higher Self, a ‘you’ that exists beyond 3rd dimensional reality and your personality and identity, will in itself open you to its guidance. A spiritual perspective, or an understanding that there is information available beyond your conscious rational processing, such as from your subconscious or unconscious mind, is a first step on the ladder of intuitive development.

The acknowledgment of something beyond your conscious self can build a bridge to that greater awareness. If you do not believe in, or have no reference point for, a source from which to receive insight, even if that were the sense of an expanded self, you will be far less open or primed to receive it. If the concept of a Higher Self, as explored below, does not ring true for you, you can use another frame of reference that you resonate with, be that your unconscious mind, the universe, a higher power, Creator, your guardian angel, higher mind, God, Buddha, or what-ever is in accordance with your beliefs, perspectives and path. Your Higher Self is the aspect of your consciousness closest to source.


It is your divine essence; the fully realized eternal being that you are. Your Higher Self exists beyond space and time and the confines of third dimensional reality, and is the overseer of your multi selves – past, present and future, conscious and subconscious. It is the allseeing, all-knowing you at the deepest level. It knows you inside out and loves you unconditionally. It wishes the very best for you in every moment, and its vast all-encompassing perspectives will serve you in ways far beyond the bounds of your personal beliefs, programs and identity.

Your Higher Self knows all you have been, all you are now, and all you are becoming, and is aware of the countless possibilities available for your growth and success, and that which will serve your highest path. Your Higher Self’s guidance is sourced in absolute love for you and is one hundred percent trustworthy. It is the you that never lies and never dies, and the antidote to the ’ego virus’ and its exhausting, self-defeating games.


Your Higher Self wishes for you to experience that which is most in alignment with your heart’s desires (including desires that you may not even be consciously aware of presently), and to assist you in unveiling and expressing your inherent gifts, talents and strengths, in whatever way is most appropriate for you. Your Higher Self is also there to facilitate your conscious co-creation of reality and the manifestation of your dreams. By connecting to this infinite loving source, you are accessing the highest level of your being, which will raise your vibration dramatically, and by virtue of this alone, enhance your manifesting potential. The Intuition Zone program forges the two-way pathways to this more real you, the you that houses the keys and solutions to all that you seek and the love, power and wisdom within.

Decoding Inner and Outer Reality Your Higher Self and the universe seek to communicate with you not only through your intuitive senses and internal reality, but also via your outer world. Your reality is a reflection and extension of the entirety of your consciousness, as well as a platform and gateway through which the universe can communicate and co-create with you, offering you signs, synchronicities, nudges and pointers to guide and assist you on your path. The insights you receive from your inner world (via intuitive practices and meditation for example), and your outer world (via signs and messages that present themselves in your physical reality), are often metaphoric in nature with meanings beyond obvious linear interpretation.



Messages from your external reality can come through any number of means, be it the radio, media and advertising, vehicle registration plates, animals that cross you path, conversations partaken in or overheard, and so on and so forth. Learning to decode the messages present in both your inner and outer reality is an integral part of gleaning the most from your intuitive resources. The ‘Decoding Inner and Outer Reality’ section of the Intuition Zone program explores this in detail,
with numerous examples, in addition to exercises that encourage you to think laterally and explore a ‘metaphoric mindset’ with respect to interpreting signs and symbols.

The Power of Asking


One of the most powerful ways to initiate guidance and get the intuitive ball rolling is to ask questions. Asking questions to your Higher Self/the universe/Creator/All That Is/your unconscious mind/deities/spirit guides, or whatever or whomever you desire, will sharpen and hone your intentions and open the doors to receive. To ask is to assert your desire and willingness for help and insight, as well as specify the area of enquiry that interests you, or that to which you desire healing and support perhaps.



From here your Higher Self and spiritual allies can respond via your intuition as well as through signs and whispers in your outer world. Asking questions provides a starting point and serves as both catalyst and framework. You are likely already asking questions internally in your day-to-day life, though perhaps not wholly consciously or in a directed fashion, such as “I wish I knew just what to do here”, or “Is this job really right for me?”, “I really want some help with this!”, and so on. Your Higher Self hears these inner calls and requests and responds, yet so often you are numb and blind to those responses.

The Intuition Zone program provides the practices and settings with which to apply your questions to receive responses in a direct and profound way. What is important, of course, is the nature and form your questions and queries take, and refining such will optimise your intuitive potential. When you are more conscious of your questions, you invite greater focus and clarity, both to your current standing and perspectives, and to the guidance you invoke through them. You can ask your Higher Self for assistance with anything, be it decision making, inspiration, resources (to attract and be aware of those that are suitable for you), insight and illumination in general, prioritizing (i.e. guidance on what is a valuable next step), healing, love and support, as well as the manifesting of your desires.


With any requests, always offer your thanks. This affirms that you have already received that which is requested before it has arrived, which in itself opens the channels of receptivity and accelerates its realization. Gratitude is a powerful generating energy. The Quality Questions section of the Intution Zone program provides insight into the types of questions to ask, with specific guidelines, including frames of reference, settings for Yes-No questions, openended questions, what to avoid, and more, with specific examples.


Creating the Space Your intuition is about being open and receptive, being in a sensitive mode where you can receive impressions and insights, however subtle or vivid. It is a place of humility, ‘listening’ and non-judgment. Your intuition functions best when you are outside of your conscious analytical mind, and is the other side of the coin to logic and reason. The alpha and theta states induced in the Intuition Zone guided meditations part the ‘veils between worlds’ and allow higher states of consciousness to dawn.


It is in these twilight arenas that your intuition can be encountered in a more pronounced and tangible way. Where any meditative or relaxation procedure can quieten and still the conscious mind and help you to move beyond it, the guided meditations in the Intuition Zone program are specifically designed not only to alter your state of consciousness, but once there, to facilitate the engagement of your intuitive senses. That said, you don’t always need to be in a meditative state to work with and apply your intuition, and there are a great many exercises in the Intuition Zone program that explore this. The ‘Earth-Light’ meditation recording is specifically designed to clear and align your energy

system and connect you to source, so that you are more open and able to receive higher awareness.


The purifying, centering and consciousness raising effects of this meditation make it an ideal primer to any intuitive practice, and becoming a clear and receptive conduit. Your intuition is most accessible when you are in an altered zone of awareness. In everyday life this can often be experienced when doing automatic, ‘mindless’ or repetitive tasks, such as having a shower, knitting, washing the dishes or doing chores, plastering or painting, and so on.


It is in these states that your mind switches off and higher inspiration and intuitive gestalts can slip into your consciousness without the convoluted trappings of your analytical mind. The most beautiful and powerful state for receiving higher guidance in is that of unconditional love. Love is the highest vibration in the universe, and the most potent and elegant consciousness raiser and transformer.


It is in love that truth dawns and ego ceases. Love conjures a shower of positive states, including clarity, joy, compassion, knowing, giving and receiving, trust, and so on, all of which benefit your intuitive unfolding. In the Inner Realm meditation of the Intuition Zone program you will connect with the personification of your Higher Self and experience their pure unconditional love, absorbing this energy at a fundamental level.


This divine union serves to dissolve the limiters and encumbrances that keep you from the truth of who you are, and the illusion of separation on which the ego thrives. Experiencing the divine love that is there for you in every moment, will heal and blossom your heart so that you can experience more of the ultimate truth of reality – that only love is real. The Four Primary Intuitive Channels Your intuition can be accessed via numerous platforms and mediums.


The four primary intuitive channels for receiving six-sensory information are also known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance, and I refer to them as the ‘four clairs’. You can learn to develop and flex these six-sensory modalities consciously to experience higher awareness and expanded perspectives. Clairvoyance is your inner sight, and the means by which you receive pictures, images and visions within your minds-eye. Clairaudience is your inner hearing for audible responses, clairsentience is your ‘felt sense’, such as empathy and sensing through your feelings, and claircognizance is the inner knowing and epiphanies of awareness at higher levels. All reveal insights and information beyond five-sensory sources.


You may naturally resonate with, or be more dominant in one or more of these inner senses, though you can work to awaken and strengthen each one of them. The four clairs are discussed in detail in the Intuition Zone guidebook. These intuitive senses can gift you with the whys behind the what – the bigger picture as seen through the eyes of your expanded self, and insights from realms of existence beyond this third dimensional plane. Where practical external quantitative methods such as muscle testing and pendulum dowsing can provide the setting for ‘Yes-No’ responses, which can be useful for honing and consolidating your intuition, there is a wealth of greater scope and substance available through your four clairs that brings far deeper, richer revelations, understandings and meanings.


The Heart’s Wisdom The four primary intuitive channels are discussed in detail in the Intuition Zone program, but I want to explore here one of the greatest in your intuitive development. It is, of course, your heart. Your heart is a gateway to your soul. It is not only a portal for love, but also for divine guidance and intuitive knowings, and a wisdom that reaches far beyond the intellectual capacities and rationalisations of the mind.


To follow your heart is to discover your bliss, yet following your heart is clearly not necessarily the same as following your feelings. Emotions and certain desires can arise from thoughts, beliefs, fears and agendas at a personality level. They can be the products of your identity or ego self, and sourced in unconscious patterns, programs and compulsions rather than higher truths or knowing. As an example, you may have a strong craving for sweet things due to a sugar addiction that is the result of an unconscious attempt to numb yourself from suppressed painful or distressing emotions.


To follow your desire to eat sugar clearly doesn’t serve your health. You may also have a strong emotional pull to stay in a dysfunctional or destructive relationship, for example. Obviously, before any relationship will change, you yourself need to first, for your reality is a reflection and extension of the entirety of your consciousness. As such, whatever exists in your worlds always houses gems of potential revelation. Conversely, you may experience aversive desires, or your fear may urge you against certain courses of action even though these may be ideal for your evolvement and offer opportunities and stepping stones for the manifestations of your dreams.


Public speaking, for example, may be terrifying initially, yet once conquered, could lead you to greater

success and the sharing of your gifts and talents with a wider audience. I mention these rather obvious examples to demonstrate that your gut feelings are not necessarily the voice of your intuitive nudgings.



The heart’s voice may not speak loudly or urgently. It does not attempt to force, control or dominate you (unlike the ego). It is the voice of love, and when heard, its truth is undeniable, and its words expansive and transformational. Your heart’s wisdom will always lead you to a more rewarding path.


Opening your heart allows the truths of your soul to be gleaned, and along with illumination, brings the love, acceptance and compassion that facilitates healing and change most elegantly. An open heart allows a connection to who you truly are, and the peace, love, clarity and faith that arise from such, all of which greatly serve your intuitive journey.


Love melts away the pain of separation and awakens light-filled spaces free from fear, judgment, blame, pity, shame and misperceptions. Becoming conscious of the internal dynamics of any situation is the first step on the path to transformation, and it is your heart that can reveal those in the most loving, profound and adept way. The audio meditations in the Intuition Zone program, such as ‘Earth-Light’ and ‘Inner Realm’,

facilitate the opening of your heart and a connection to the love that lies within.


The Intuition Zone journey is about connecting to the light within and the divine essence that you are. It is a journey to love’s wisdom, and a journey that will open your heart to that love. Your Inner Realm One of the most powerful ways to access your intuitive resources is in meditation, and more specifically through what I call your ‘inner realm’; a landscape within (such as a place in nature visualized within your mind) that can be both created and engaged via your imagination.


Your inner realm can serve as a portal to higher truth and awareness beyond that which is otherwise consciously available to you, as well as a doorway through which to receive the incredible love and gifts of your Higher Self and their transcendent perspectives and solutions, which surpass the confines of your conditioned self and consensus viewpoints.


You can literally ‘step outside of the box’ onto a plateau from where to encounter your intuitive self. All the meditations in the Intuition Zone program use your inner realm as a platform for accessing and receiving guidance, experiencing the deeper workings of your subconscious mind, and flexing your intuitive senses.

In your inner realm you experience the energy and essence behind form, which includes the thoughts, feelings and internal processes that give rise to your outer world manifestation. This energy will often be experienced metaphorically. What is exciting is that you can transmute and transform your internal landscape by your will, desire and imagination, with resultant transformation in your outer life. Your inner realm does not bide by the same rules as your physical reality.

It exists at a more subtle level and is malleable, reflecting and responding to your thoughts, feelings and intentions. I have used inner realm techniques to transform my financial reality from the inside out, and include a specific example of this technique in the Intuition Zone program.

When you change, so does your world. The most powerful places to make those changes in the most elegant and effective way are within you, in your inner realm. Taking action Guidance received via your intuition can only impact your life at the level you allow and the extent to which you awaken and engage your intuition, and then act upon the insights, inspiration and information you receive.

First comes the accessing and developing of your intuition and the forging of two-way pathways for receiving guidance. Without acting upon such guidance, however, your greatest resource is essentially redundant. Your life is in your hands. The choice lies with you. It is my greatest wish that you harness the untapped power of your intuition and receive the bountiful blessings and invaluable guidance your Higher Self wishes to bestow. Six-sensory wonderland awaits!
With love and joy,

Aine Belton

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